Thursday, December 1, 2016


“Denver, let me the fuck out.” Julian demanded, keeping his eyes on the woman.
She fired her weapon. The bullet sliced through the lock on his cage door, and in the blink of an eye, she was gone.
Denver went to Serina, who sat up in her bed, trembling. “What’s going on?” she asked.
“Denver!” Julian yelled. He ran to his backpack and slung it on. “You need to get the fuck out of here.” Before Denver could say anything, Julian pointed at the broken window.
The girl stood there again, showing them all a bottle with a rag sticking out. Julian pushed Denver aside and picked up Serina.
“Run!” Julian yelled, shoving Serina against Denver’s chest, forcing him to take her in his arms.
Denver clutched Serina to him and raced for the door while Julian lunged for the broken window where the woman was about to toss her homemade bomb. His spring forced her to take a step back instead of tossing the thing. Before he could blink, she was gone and out of sight, giving Julian the chance to dive through. Breeds were dead on the ground, and the woman was nowhere to be seen until Julian rolled back to his feet and turned his head. A fist landing on his jaw greeted him, hard enough he went down to his knees.
“First lesson, Julian, never turn your back on an enemy.” The damned woman ran off.
Cursing, Julian lurched up and ran after her. He had questions that needed answers. He wanted to know why the hell she’d sucker punched him, and what lessons was she talking about? No, scratch that shit. He wanted to know who the fuck she was!
He chased her to the tree line and at the same time, fumbled around in his pack for his gun. Right before she reached the trees, he shot in the air, halting her, not giving her the chance to disappear.
“Stop!” Julian yelled, breathing hard, working to keep the gun steady as he walked up to her at the same time.
She stood still, her back to him. “You going to shoot me in the back, Julian?” she asked with no emotion in her voice.
He stopped behind her, pressing the barrel to the back of her head. “Who the hell are you?” he demanded.
She moved fast, spun around, and twisted Julian’s wrist until the gun dropped from his hand. Helpless, he watched it fall into her other hand before she landed one hell of a knee kick to his side. The air gushed out of him. Pain from his wrist combined with the loss of breath from the knee in his side had Julian gasping. She twisted his arm, and Julian flipped to the ground.
“Next lesson.” She slammed her foot down on his chest and ejected the clip from his gun. She cocked it, and the bullet in the chamber bounced out. “Never give a warning shot.” She walked over him, then headed for the clearing around the farmhouse. “You’ve got two minutes, Julian. Want to spend them here or helping them?”
When she turned back to face him, she brought something out from a holster. A touch of her gloved hand and the thing opened up into a bow with an explosive tipped arrow on the end.
“Oh, fuck!” Julian scrambled to his feet and ran in the direction Denver had gone with Serina. But then he took a chance and stopped to glance back at her.
“Who is that?” Denver asked, coming up next to Julian. He supported Serina on her feet, but leaning against her brother, she looked about to drop.
“I have no idea,”

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